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Maisy's Natural Cosmetics

Mango Shampoo Bar (with Rice Protein)

Mango Shampoo Bar (with Rice Protein)

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Expertly formulated with a balanced pH level, our Mango Shampoo Bar is suitable for all hair types. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also serves as both a shampoo and conditioner in one convenient bar. Enjoy luscious, healthy hair with this multi-functional and environmentally conscious product.  The scent is delightful and phthalate-free!

Features and Benefits:

  • Zero-Waste Packaging: Our shampoo bars come in eco-friendly packaging, minimizing plastic waste. Take a step towards a greener lifestyle with a product that cares for your hair and the planet.
  • Long-Lasting Formula: Experience the luxury of a concentrated formula that lasts, providing exceptional value for your money. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and hello to sustained freshness
  • Natural Ingredients: Nourish your hair with the goodness of natural ingredients like essential oils and botanical extracts. Our shampoo bars are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a healthy and vibrant mane.

  • Fortified with rice protein: Our shampoo bar contains rice protein to strengthen and repair hair.
    - Adds volume: Enjoy fuller hair with the volumizing effect of rice protein.
    - Improves manageability: Rice protein makes hair easier to style and maintain.
    - Enhances shine: Achieve healthy, radiant hair with the shine-boosting benefits of rice protein.
    - Lightweight formula: Our shampoo bar won't weigh down your hair, leaving it feeling light and natural.
    - Vegan-friendly: Rice protein provides a cruelty-free option for plant-based hair care.
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